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Why Choose Nut Roasting Machines?

Jan 28, 2022

Nuts are lovingly consumed in our world and in our countries. Each country has its own nut consumption habits. The oils and fruits grown according to the climatic characteristics of each country make up the nut culture of that country.


The numerous health benefits of each type of nut have been scientifically proven and past consumption habits have increased the consumption of nuts today. In particular, the country is in a very favorable position in terms of variety and quality of nuts. Our country has the highest production of Black Sea hazelnuts, pistachios, Malatya apricots and sultani grapes in the country. In addition, Turkey occupies an important position in the production and export of leblebi.


The variety of nuts created by the fertile soil and various climatic conditions also led to the development of the nut machinery industry. The sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts and nuts harvested by farmers at that time were stored under favorable conditions. The nuts stored under favorable conditions were roasted in rotating or taped nut machines in the most delicious way. In addition, marzipan, leblebi sugar and honey sesame peanuts are extracted from nuts such as roasted almonds and peanuts.



Original, savory, sweet and spicy nuts are produced in nut machines with something for everyone’s taste. Our country has a wide range of nut products and the nut industry is growing in our country and worldwide. It occupies an important place in the production and export of Dynizli nut roasters. Denizli is the first stop for people who want to buy nut roasters in the country and abroad. Huoshi machinery manufacturers add value to the nut industry and our country by manufacturing high quality nut roasters of high standards.


The CZ40 nut roaster is the most versatile and efficient roster in the industry.

Every tree nut is unique and has its own specific roasting requirements, as well as, every production line. Our nut roasting equipment is capable of suiting all nut roasting needs.


Nut Roasting Machine

Roaster Features:
Very gentle mixing throughout the nut roast process ensuring an even roast
No ‘over roast’ ensuring for optimum control over flavor development of nuts & seeds


Roaster Benefits
Very energy efficient
Extremely low operational and maintenance costs


Do you engage in roasting of nuts? Are you seeking excellent processing equipment?
We are a roaster manufacturer founded 40 years ago and we provide roasting (frying) equipment for nuts and seeds.


We engage in R&D and manufacture of hot processing equipment for nuts and seeds. With mature technology and rich experience, we can provide the most professional equipment and service and we provide processing service to users from dozens of countries.


In accordance with the spirit of craftsmanship and (continuous) innovation, we provide users with high-quality product and service.