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HUOSHI Mechanical Manufacturing is an innovative high-tech company dedicated to the field of superconducting electric heating. It has always focused on the research and development and manufacturing of industrial-grade, high-power electric heating equipment (in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, central kitchen industry, and drying and baking industry). It has advanced technology and rich experience in the field of thermal processing. It has its own research and development team, which is the accumulation of core technology and innovation supported by continuous investment. HUOSHI Mechanical has always been at the forefront of electric heating equipment research and development, focusing on creating energy-saving, environmentally friendly, labor-saving, and cost-saving electric intelligent and automated heating equipment, as well as complete solutions, to help users achieve standardized and automated production. After more than 30 years of technological accumulation, HUOSHI Mechanical has multiple independent intellectual property rights and patented core electric heating technologies, among which baking equipment is widely used by well-known domestic and foreign enterprises.


R & D and innovation are our core concepts. The superconducting principle of our food machines is leading in the world. We are committed to providing professional technology and services to global customers. We are always here. We promise a lifelong commitment to our customers, a commitment way beyond tomorrow.


Confidently continue to design and manufacture premium quality food processing machine for the global market.



Be trustworthy with high ethical standards;


Provide excellence in all interactions;


Offer superior products;


Elevating the team to their utmost capabilities;

Our History

HUOSHI Food Machinery started in 1984. At the beginning, Huo Xueming just liked to study some mechanical designs. Later, he became interested in food machinery and founded HUOSHI Food Machinery Factory. In the early decades, we used electromagnetic heating, but after a long time, we will find that electromagnetic heating will be affected when the external temperature exceeds 40°C, causing the machine to stop running. And the steam generated by electromagnetic heating will affect the electric heating tube. Therefore, after continuous R&D and improvement, and experiments one after another, we have succeeded. The superconducting heating equipment we use now will not be affected by the outside temperature. The roasting machine uses hot air internal circulation, no steam, and energy can be reused, which greatly saves costs.

We are still in continuous innovation and research and development, providing advanced equipment to global customers and maximizing production capacity. We are always moving forward.

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