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What Are the Non-fried Puffing Methods?

Feb 25, 2022

You should have heard of non-fried snacks. Non-fried snacks refer to foods that are not fried at high temperatures, but formed mainly by hot air drying after spraying with cooking oil.
Its main feature is that because the drying process is lower than the temperature of deep-frying, so the destruction of nutrients is smaller, less fat content, and relatively low calorie.



In a broad sense, puffed foods are all foods that use techniques such as frying, extrusion, sand frying, and microwave baking as the curing process. Before and after the curing process, the volume of the food increases significantly.
The puffing machine is the use of the principle of phase change and the thermal pressure of the gas, so that the liquid inside the processed material quickly warming vaporization, pressurized expansion, relying on the expansion force of the gas to drive its structural modification, so that it becomes the formation of a porous material with the characteristics of the network structure of the process.

Classification of puffing methods


High-temperature expansion

High-temperature puffing technology is a modern mechanical extrusion molding technology, combined with deep-fried puffing, sand frying puffing and other older processing techniques to produce puffed food. Among them, microwave puffing, baking puffing and other new puffing technology should also belong to this category.


Deep-fried puffing

The use of grease as a heat exchange medium, so that the starch in fried food paste, protein denaturation, so that the water into steam, so that the food cooked, the volume increased. Frying and puffing oil temperature is generally 160-180 ℃, the highest does not exceed 200 ℃.


Hot air puffing

Including air puffing, baking puffing, sand frying puffing, is the use of air as a heat exchange medium, so that the heated food starch paste food colloid four categories, protein denaturation, moisture into steam and made of food ripening and increase its volume.


Microwave puffing

Is the use of microwave is absorbed by the water molecules in the food raw materials easily polarized to generate heat, so that the food starch paste, protein denaturation, water into steam, thereby curing the food and increase its volume.


Low-temperature vacuum frying puffing

Under negative pressure, the food is dehydrated and dried in oil. If the vacuum at 2.67kPa and 100 ℃ oil temperature for frying, the temperature of the water vapor generated at this time is 60 ` C. If the oil temperature at 80 ~ 120 ‘C when frying, the water in the raw materials can be fully evaporated; when the water evaporates, the volume will be significantly expanded. Vacuum frying products made of puffing effect is significant, frying time is relatively short.


Extrusion puffing

General food ingredients under pressure through the template orientation, continuous molding of food, known as “extrusion”. There are two types of puffed food: puffed food and non-puffed food. This book does not include non-puffed extruded food.

Seeds roasting machine

But “non-fried” is not the same as no oil, it also contains a certain amount of fat, for pure energy food and puffed food and other “non-fried” snacks, will still add a certain amount of fat. “Non-fried” does not mean low fat. In the consumption of puffed snacks, we also need to control the amount of consumption. Moderation is most important.

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