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The Rise of Healthy Snacks: Growing Demand for Nuts

Feb 16, 2022

A few years ago, the North American snack market may have focused largely on roasted peanuts that were processed on simple, single-ingredient roasting equipment. Today, the global rise of healthy snacking is creating a demand for a variety of nuts and seeds. Whether packaged as assorted dried fruits, served in individual snack packages or used as an ingredient in nutritional bars, roasted nuts and seeds offer a variety of flavor and application possibilities.


Global demand for the nut category continues to grow faster than supply, and consumption of hazelnuts and peanuts is likely to grow again due to breakthroughs in allergy treatment.

Globally, production in the macadamia nut industry is set to double within 10 years, a rare event in the agricultural sector. The almond industry is regularly seeing new production records, and hazelnut production is expanding into new production areas to meet growing demand.
Oversupply will not be an issue for many years to come, as population growth and consumption trends favoring plant-based proteins are likely to increase demand for nuts.

New proteins

Nuts should replace meat and dairy cheese at a faster rate. While maggots may not be for everyone, “nut burgers” made with sunflower seeds, cashews, fresh herbs and spices are a delicious and culturally acceptable meat substitute.
Modern consumers have adapted in a very short time to new diets and crops they had never heard of before. Once they begin to enjoy the alternative flavors that work so well in burgers or barbecues, they will no longer demand the “real deal”.
The potential for cheese made from nuts is almost limitless. The global cheese market is worth $60 billion, and a mere 1% market share would be an amazing boost to the nut industry.



Agriculture is one of the few areas of human culture that transcends elections and even generations of thinking.
The nut industry could very well serve as a model of good agricultural practice, given the high profit margins and the industry’s ability to invest in sustainability, at least in some areas. However, avoiding the use of fossil fuels in agriculture is easier said than done.
There are no real alternatives to fossil-fueled agricultural machinery; this must change and more incentives are needed to make the shift, as the pressure on the sector will grow exponentially in the coming years.


Continuous Roaster for Nuts can meet the challenge of roasting a wide variety of nuts and seeds while taking into account the unique characteristics of these raw materials. Whether the differences are subtle or dramatic, our equipment roasts to perfection. Very gentle blending throughout the nut roasting process ensures uniform roasting; no “over roasting”, ensuring optimal control of nut and seed flavor development; very energy efficient, extremely low operating and maintenance costs, space saving and small footprint.

We use our years of expertise to build ingenious equipment and adapt it to our customers’ specifications. Look for HUOSHI equipment that produces the most flavorful, consistent and evenly roasted nuts and seeds of all types and sizes, every time.