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Liftable Round Bottom Mixing Pot

It can be used to make various commercial sauces, stir-fry dishes, mix various seasonings, etc.

Product Description

Cooking Mixer by HUO SHI machinery has convenient for discharging food, easy to clean and easy to operate. The cooking mixer can be used for dessert cooking and mixing such as paste, jam, sugar, cream, candy and also for food cooking and mixing such as meat, vegetables, soup, rice, sauce,halwa, khoya, curries, other foods, medicines, syrups, pickles.

Cooking Mixer – Multifunction Assistant Application

Paste: Mung bean paste, red mung bean paste, lotus seed paste, pumpkin paste, sweet potato paste, taro paste, date paste, pineapple paste, strawberry paste and various fruit paste products

Sauce: Steak sauce, pepper sauce, mushroom sauce, curry sauce, chili sauce, dressing, seasoning and other paste-like thick sauce.

Milk: Condensed milk, evaporation milk, milk curds, milk paste, cream.

Sweets: Fudge, toffee chocolate, jelly, jam, seasame candy, peanut candy, nougat, syrup, hardened sugar, coating sugar and many other sweets.

Powder: Black pepper powder, curry powder, fly flour.

Rice: Fry rice, oil rice, rice cake

Food: Minced meat condiment, soup and many types of meal.

Other: Suitable for pharmaceutical and chemical industries.