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Drum Roasting Machine

It is used for batch roasting various nuts, coffee beans, cocoa beans, cashews, etc.

Product Description

Seeds Roasting Machine

Seed roasting machine is a kind of food processing equipment which adopts advanced drum structure to ensure uniform heating, and has functions of automatic rotation, roasting and unloading. The batch type nuts roaster offers the same taste of each batch and makes production easy and efficient.

Roaster for nuts specifications

Output: HK-60 type: 100kg-200kg/h

Dimensions (L*W*H mm): 3570 * 1680 * 2340

Working principle of nuts roasting equipment

Nut roasting equipment is a new type of high-efficiency and energy-saving drying equipment. It uses a small amount of electric energy to continuously circulate and heat. When the drum rotates continuously, the material in the drum rolls up and down, left and right, stir fry at 360 degrees, non-stick pan, and baked Good color and good flavor. It is very convenient to discharge the roasted seeds and nuts, just press the forward and reverse switch, the motor drives the drum to reverse, and the roasted seeds and seeds are automatically discharged, which is fast and labor-saving, clean and hygienic.


Advantages of seed roasters

1. Smart, no manual operation required;

2. Good drying quality, good color;

3. Compact design and easy installation;

4. Small footprint, clean and environmentally friendly, no pollution, is the best frying equipment to meet your needs;

5. Safety and environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving;

6. durable;

7. Precise control of temperature and humidity;

8. With a wide range of application, the roaster for nuts is suitable for roasting of such materials as nuts (almond, badam, cashew nut, macadamia nut and other nuts) and seeds (chickpea, sesame, peanut, soybean, red bean and black soya bean).

Application of seed roasting equipment

It is suitable for leisure food, such as shopping malls, supermarket food, specialty stores, etc. In addition, batch roasting machine can also be used in oil, pharmaceutical, tea, and condiment industries.

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