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Continuous Roasting Machine

It can be used for continuous roasting of various nuts, coffee beans, cocoa beans, small snacks, etc.

Product Description

The continuous roaster is a customizable automatic roaster which can continuously feed materials from one end and continuously discharge finished products from the other end of the roaster bin.

The equipment adopts segmented temperature control for independent temperature control and is suitable for roasting of various materials. The continuous roaster can evenly heat nuts with uniform color, luster and taste. According to workshop size and processing capacity, it can be used cooperatively with monolayer and multilayer tunnel type continuous roasters.

The equipment is controlled by PLC and it can track the heating temperature and the material temperature in real time and give feedback to the automatic control center. The control center can regulate the roasting temperature and control the production process and the product quality automatically.

The continuous roaster also can realize automatic cleaning, feeding, roasting and cooling of the production line and the equipment is interlinked to produce crispy and delicious nuts.

Output: HKLX-7000 type: 500kg/h

Dimensions (L*W*H mm): 7000 * 2000 * 2400