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Commercial Deep Fryer

It can be used for frying food in large batches. For example: chicken, onion rings, chicken popcorn, potato chips, french fries, etc.

Product Description

HUOSHI frying equipment, boiling equipment, using superconducting heat technology, mainly used in industrial and commercial kitchen cooking and frying work;

The equipment adopts PLC control, the pot body can be tilted, and the screen frame can be lifted up and down, which is convenient for feeding and discharging;

Microcomputer precise temperature control, even heating. Suitable for commercial kitchens, industrial standardized cooking, frying and other pretreatment production;

The cooking pot can be programmed with menus and processing techniques to realize automatic production.


Device model ZGJ/DR2119
Rated voltage 3V~380V(Customizable)
Rated frequency 50HZ±1HZ
Heating power 30KW/40KW
Pot volume 400L
Dimensions 2190*1940*1830mm



  1. Efficient and quick: Industrial deep fryers can quickly heat up the oil temperature, allowing for fast frying of food and improving production efficiency.
  2. Even heating: Industrial deep fryers are designed with specialized heating systems that ensure even heating of the oil, resulting in uniform frying of food and preventing it from becoming burnt.
  3. Oil savings: Industrial deep fryers typically have automatic temperature control, allowing for adjustments to the oil temperature as needed, reducing oil consumption.
  4. Improved food quality: Industrial deep fryers enable control of oil temperature and frying time, resulting in crispier and better-tasting food, thereby improving food quality.
  5. Safety and hygiene: Industrial deep fryers are often equipped with filtration systems that promptly remove oil residue and impurities, maintaining the cleanliness of the oil and reducing the presence of fried food remnants, thus enhancing food safety and hygiene.
  6. Versatility: Industrial deep fryers typically offer multiple frying modes and functions, accommodating the frying of different types of food and providing more choices and flexibility.
  7. Durability: Industrial deep fryers are usually made of high-quality materials and manufactured with excellent craftsmanship, ensuring strong durability and stability to withstand long-term, high-intensity use.


Suitable for all kinds of fried food: