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Is Tray Dryer Continuous?

Mar 23, 2022

Continuous dryers have been developed to increase product throughput. In tunnel dryers, one or more 10-15 m long holding chambers are provided, through which floor-mounted drives move a series of trolleys, providing semi-continuous motion. Food is typically loaded manually onto racks on carts that are floor driven. Dry air enters and flows through the product from one end of the tunnel. In the concurrent model, the airflow travels in the same direction as the product. Therefore, the wettest, coldest products experience the hottest, least humid, air. This configuration encourages rapid drying in the initial phase, when the product remains near the wet bulb temperature.


The driest product near the end of the tunnel will experience lower temperature air, so it may experience fewer quality changes, such as browning or surface hardening. In a counterflow dryer, the airflow enters opposite to the product movement. An advantage is that the driest, highest temperature air comes into contact with the product with the lowest moisture content, where moisture is most difficult to remove. Many products can be tunnel dried, including papaya, onions, strawberries, hazelnuts and peppers.

Continuous Tray Dryer

Continuous Tray Dryers Mechanism

Continuous Tray Dryers provide better efficiency than simple Batch Dryers. It features a cycling mechanism for each tray. This mechanism continuously moves trays through the dryer, and allows the removal and addition of trays without stopping the blowers. It has the ability to avoid over heating while removing trays. This design allows the drying of more trays per hour.


Continuous Tray Dryers Working Principle

The working principle of Continuous Tray Dryers is a mixed system of Tray Dryers and Conveyor Dryers. The system has continuous trolleys. Products can be dried by using different air sections (bottom – top – right – left). Each trolleys stay at all of air sections by using continuous trolley system.

Tilizing proven drying principles of airflow and temperature control, the Continuous Tunnel Dryer delivers uniform air distribution at maximum efficiency. This Continuous tunnel dryeru is a rugged piece of equipment, but it still gently handles your product for a consistent, high-quality output.

Applications of Continuous Tray Dryer

Tunnel Dryer offered provides for high heating efficiency and successfully support the process demands of low and high temperature drying. In addition, the automatic operation support provided by these tunnel dryers minimizes manual intervention, which is the first choice of customers.


Processing of nuts and nut oils

Nuts and argan oils are subjected to various processing operations that have an impact on their oxidative stability. The thermal oxidative instability of oil extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO 2 ) is higher compared to solvent or extruder extraction methods. SC-CO 2 extracted walnut oil is less stable than pressed walnut oil during accelerated storage. darkness of PV assay, headspace analysis by solid phase microextraction and sensory methods.

However, SC-CO 2 extracted oils exhibited higher photooxidative stability than their pressed counterparts, which may be due to the presence of chlorophyll in the pressed oils. Specialty oils, such as walnut oil, are usually stored on shelves in clear glass bottles and are susceptible to photooxidation. Therefore, it is important to improve the stability of SC-CO 2 extracted oils to photo-induced oxidation. However, the oxidative stability index and tocopherol content were significantly lower (p < 0.05) in SC-CO 2 -extracted oil than in pressed walnut oil.


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