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How Does a Tray Dryer Work?

Mar 10, 2022

Tray and tunnel dryers and spray, roller, and freeze dryers are all utilised in the food drying process. Drying wet chemicals, powders, and crude pharmaceuticals is a breeze using tray dryers.


A simple tray dryer is a box-shaped cabinet with shelves stacked one on top of the other with a series of trays. Unlike an oven, which may include a heater in the cabinet’s base or on the walls, a tray drier gets its heat from circulating warm air. The heated air is blown over the trays by one or more fans.


The greatest tray dryers are those that allow you to adjust the airflow to the trays. On top of the trays, which may be linked with paper, the materials to be dried are spread out. Disposable papers are used as tray liners to reduce cleaning time and avoid contamination. The trays are frequently supported by wire mesh or perforated steel tiers.


The latest tray dryers use strategically placed deflectors to drive air from one tray to pass over the tray above in the opposite direction, achieving equal temperature throughout a well-insulated cabinet.


Huoshi Machinery Manufacturing tray type dryer is suitable for batch drying and processing and featured by small floor space and flexible production and processing. The trolley with a tray feeds the materials to the dryer, hot air circulates in the dryer and materials are dried evenly. With the functions of automatic heating, automatic temperature regulation, constant-temperature timing and automatic dehumidification, the dryer can dry various products, including meat and fish, fruits, pericarp, vegetables, nuts, herbs and seeds, and so on.


The tray type dryer is an energy-saving dryer that has the thermal insulation function and can prevent heat loss. It can be customized according to output and need.


Air flowing in opposite directions across the trays maintains flow uniformity and helps to maintain a consistent temperature. Before passing from one shelf to the next, the air can also be reheated. Each shelf loses some heat as air goes through it (the latent heat of vaporisation of the water that is expelled from the solid material).


In a tray drier, hot air circulates continually, removing moisture from the material in the trays using forced convection. Moisture-laden air is ejected from the cabinet and vented at the same time.

Tray Dryer

After wet granulation, drying is often utilised. This is the process of breaking down a tablet mix into granules by turning it into a paste with water. In the tabletting process, granulation can improve the material’s uniformity and flowability.

Applications of Tray Dryer

Sticky materials are dried using this.

Drying of crystalline or granular materials is possible.

Drying can be done with wet mass, paste, powders, and chemicals.

Tray dryers can be used to dry a variety of tiny equipment.


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