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How Are Nuts Roasted Commercially?

Nov 16, 2022

A few years ago, the North American snacking market may have been largely focused on roasted peanuts that were processed on simple single-ingredient roasting equipment. Today, the global rise of healthy snacking is creating a demand for a variety of nuts and seeds. Whether packaged as assorted dried fruits, served in individual snack packs or used as an ingredient in nutritional bars, roasted nuts and seeds offer a wide range of flavour and application possibilities.


Today, the global rise of healthy snacking is creating a demand for a variety of nuts and seeds.


Are roasted nuts good?

We all know that raw (natural) nuts are a great everyday food. But what about roasted nuts? Are roasted nuts good?


Raw and roasted: similar nutritional profiles

Raw and roasted (either dried or roasted in oil) nuts have a similar nutritional profile.



That said, there are indeed subtle differences between raw and roasted nuts. This is because moisture is lost during the roasting process. This means that some nutrients (e.g. minerals) become more concentrated in roasted nuts, while others (e.g. B vitamins) are reduced because they are not heat stable.


Whether you prefer them raw or roasted, eat a healthy handful of nuts every day!


How to roast nuts at home?

Dry roasting nuts at home is easy and will leave your kitchen smelling great!
Place the nuts in a skillet over medium heat and stir gently until toasted.
Spread the nuts in a single layer on a baking tray in the oven, set at 180°C, and stir every few minutes until cooked through.
It only takes about 10 minutes to roast the nuts, but pay close attention – no one likes burnt nuts!


Commercially roasted nuts

Nuts are roasted commercially in different ways.
Oil roasting usually means dipping the nuts into hot oil. Dry roasting means that the nuts are either passed through the oven on a conveyor belt or rolled in a mini drum, like a cement mixer over a flame.



Three ways with roasted nuts

Roasting enhances the ‘nutty’ flavour and crunchy texture of raw nuts. Try these ideas.
Roast and cool the nuts, then put them in a food processor to make your own nut butter.
Add different seasonings, herbs and spices to the nuts before roasting them – then add different spices to your favourite recipes.
Sprinkle toasted nuts over yoghurt or porridge for a satisfying crunch.


Blended nut and seed mixtures require customised equipment capable of handling multiple ingredients of widely varying sizes, shapes and consistencies. We have carved out a niche in the roasting market. We manufacture with hygiene in mind, resulting in minimal downtime during product changeover.


Processing Equipment

Huoshi Machinery can design and build models to meet the challenges of roasting a wide range of nuts and seeds, taking into account the unique characteristics of these raw materials. Whether the differences are subtle or significant, our equipment can be roasted to perfection. We use our years of expertise to build sophisticated equipment and adapt it to our customers’ specifications.


Look for hot sale automatic nut roasting machine that produces the most delicious, consistent and evenly roasted nuts and seeds of all types and sizes, every time.